Hex Bolts

UNC / UNF G8 Hex Bolt

A tempered Alloy Steel. Grade 8 is stronger than grade 5, and is usually used in high strength automobile applications. The finish is unplated.

UNC / UNF G5 Hex Bolt

A plain carbon steel. Grade 5 falls between grade 2 and grade 8 in strength, and is commonly found in automobile applications.

Metric 10.9 Hexagon Bolt

Grade 10.9 bolts are made using quenched and tempered carbon steel, with added amounts of Boron, Manganese and Chromium. Used for bolting large and forged parts, and in automotive metric 10.9 bolts exhibit high tensile strength and good wear resistance.

Metric 8.8 Hexagon Bolts

A quenched and tempered carbon steel. Although class 8.8 is hardened, it is not as strong as class 10.9. It is often used in automobile applications. Class 8.8 is similar to grade 5.

Hexagon Head Bolt

Hexagon head bolts, also called machine bolts, are a very common choice when it comes to construction and repair.