Shabbari is known in the UAE Market among customers as the ‘one stop shop for fasteners’. We choose from a huge selection of branded fasteners, from well known ISO-Certified factories with ‘A’ branded material, from around the world, and which are known for their quality, reliability, huge stock and assortment.

The Shabbari fastener range is comprised of mostly all shapes, sizes, material, grades & platings, with highly diverse materials and screw threads like metric, metric fine, imperial, imperial fine etc etc. Shabbari’s stock of fasteners are applicable for all kinds of industries like construction, aviation, oil field, marine, etc. etc, and for metal, wood, plastic and concrete.

You can get nuts, bolts, screws, washers, threaded rods, stud bolts, structural bolts, anchoring products, pins, keys, rivets and blind rivets to name a fraction of Shabbari’s assorted fastener list. Stock at Shabbari vary from steel in different grades such as mild steel (4.6), carbon steel (8.8), high carbon steel (10.9 & higher) etc etc, (with a wide range of surface treatments) to stainless steel in different grades such as 302 (A2), 316 (A4) etc etc, brass and copper to titanium (titanium only on forward delivery orders), and even Nylon and plastic.