A Shear Stud connector, also know as the Weld Stud  is a steel projection provided on the top flange of steel composite bridge girders to provide necessary shear transfer between the steel girder and composite/concrete slab to enable composite action. Shear studs are generally attached to the top flanges of girders using a welding gun. The stud is held in the welding gun and an arc is struck between stud and the flange plate. Arc melts a portion of both the stud and the plate in a set time.

The most widely used form of #Shear #Connector is the headed stud, or shear stud.

Standard sizes for shear studs, which are readily available from Shabbari Trading LLC and typically used in steel composite bridge decks, are of length (in mm) 125, 150, 175, 200, 250 and diameters M16, M19, M22, M25.

Advantages of Shear Stud Connectors

The advantages of shear studs over other forms of connectors are that the

  • Installation and welding process is quick and simple;
  • Provides little obstruction to the slab reinforcement;
  • Allows more satisfactory compaction of the concrete around the connectors;
  • It provides equal shear strength in all direction

Shabbari Trading LLC is a stockist of Shear Studs in Dubai as per AWS D1.1, #BS5400, BS EN ISO #13918 of parts 5 & 6. We are among the leading Shear Studs suppliers in Dubai, & have large quantities readily available of  Headed Shear Connectors in Gulf.

Our team can fulfill any size available from our principals with minimum lead time and at competitive prices.

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  • Ceramic Ferrules for Shear Stud Connectors

Ceramic Ferrules are also available for Metal to Deck and Metal to Metal..

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